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Chris Abrams
Dean of Student Affairs
Campus Center
(419) 448-2062
Adjunct Instructor in Dance
Brenneman Music Hall
Lori Arnold
Adjunct Instructor in Music
Heidelberg University
Assistant Director of Admission
University Hall
Janelle Baldosser
Director of Health Center & Counseling
Campus Center
(419) 448-2042
Linda Barger
Facilities Office and Warehouse Manager
Krammes Service Center 108A
(419) 448-2391
Adjunct Instructor in Supply Chain Management
Heidelberg University
Andrew Bauer
IT Analyst
Heidelberg University
Graduate Assistant for Football
Heidelberg University
Director of Financial Aid
University Hall C114
(419) 448-2622
Nathaniel Beres
Professor of Chemistry
Bareis Hall 116
(419) 448-2015
Trish Berg
Associate Professor of Business
Adams Hall 301D
(419) 448-2626
Amy Berger
Professor and Department Chair of Biological Environmental Science
Bareis Hall 130
(419) 448-2292
Technical Director for the School of Music and Theatre
Founders Hall
(419) 448-2073
 Jakob Boehler
Field Manager & Sandusky River Watershed Coalition Coordinator
Gillmor Science Hall 315
(419) 448-2054
Security Officer
Campus Center
Associate Director of Admission
University Hall
(419) 448-2339
Sherri Bowerman
Administrative Assistant for the School of Education
Lavely-Shedenhelm Education Center 116
(419) 448-2125
Barbara Breen
Associate Director of Admission
Heidelberg University
(419) 448-2335
Krammes Service Center
(419) 448-2163
David Briggs
Academic Advising Coordinator
Heidelberg University
Head Women's Softball Coach
Seiberling Gymnasium
(419) 448-2289
Andrew Bucheit
Head Men's Basketball Coach
Seiberling Gymnasium 222B
(419) 448-2006
Adjunct Instructor in Education
Heidelberg University
Adjunct Instructor of Education
Director of Field Placements
Lavely-Shedenhelm Education Center 117
(419) 448-2089
Michele Castleman
Associate Professor of Education
Lavely-Shedenhelm Education Center 119
(419) 448-2129
Part-Time Assistant Coach
Heidelberg University
Michael Chapman
Assistant Professor of Accounting
Adams Hall
Director Academic Advising
Campus Center 313
(419) 448-2479
Graduate Assistant for Women's Softball
Seiberling Gymnasium
National Center for Water Quality Lab Technician
Gillmor Science Hall
(419) 448-2198
Greg Cooper
Athletic Director
Seiberling Gymnasium 127
(419) 448-2009
Head Track Coach
Brown Hall
(419) 448-2179
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Heidelberg University
Krammes Service Center
(419) 448-2390
Adjunct Instructor in Education
Heidelberg University
Courtney DeMayo Pugno headshot
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Executive Director of the Owen Center for Teaching and Learning
Associate Professor of History
Campus Center 316
(419) 448-2510